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Re-thinking our communities... Reshaping our world.

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Thinking Globally, Acting Locally. Community-led assets-based activism and community organizing.


Breaking News for 2014:

"Economically Distressed Neighborhoods Leading the World in Creativity and Love in Order to Save Themselves and the Planet!"


      Support the Campaign to Create the beloved Community! The Beloved Community Campaign is a series of programs coordinated  within the Warrendale Community of Detroit's west side and its affiliate locations to help these neighborhoods organize themselves into spiritual, secure, safe, stabile, educationally sound, fun, food secure, healthy and happy communities. for the purposes of:

  • helping financially distressed communities redefine themselves against unfavorable stereotypes as major philosophical and practical contributors to positive social change and
  • empowering the community to leverage political and economic resources while
  • highlighting a protracted nonviolent approach to struggles for creating a just, happy and sustainable world and
  • building movement toward creating a just, happy and sustainable world

Major programs include a live-in apprenticeship, an aggressive community outreach and energizing of the community thru an infusion of trained volunteers, programming for youth, resources for securing and purchasing properties, resources for farming and more.


contributions are tax-deductible

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