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This Hood of Ours, Inc.

Re-thinking our communities... Reshaping our world.

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The Giving Challenge!

      Join the Change-Maker-Chain-Breaker-Challenge by giving up something with which you plan to treat yourself this week (take-out, a movie, wine, a bar binge :-), a trip to Vegas!) and put the money toward empowering communities to change for the better. Those are the rules. If you cannot identify the treat you are giving up, we are not accepting the donation. ;-) We don't want to end up with your rent or junior's tuition. And when your coworker asks you why you are carrying in left-over spaghetti for lunch, invite them to join the Change Maker Challenge!  In all seriousness, thank you for your contribution.

      In small pockets all around you, there are people "re-imagining" what it means to exist in our world today. We are letting go of former constructs of imagination in order to make room for a fuller, holistic and more practical existence. We are growing food in our own communities. We walk and ride bicycles as primary means for travel. We are reading with our children... and playing with them in the abandoned lots we used to think of as someone else’s problem. We are renovating abandoned structures and providing homes to the homeless. We are eating healthier, relating to one another, slowing down our rush, picking up our trash and becoming better human beings. We are exploring what it means to know God our Creator for ourselves. We are discovering our purpose[s] as a race.

      This Hood of Ours needs your help facilitating this movement. We have brave teams of organizers who have agreed to live on the streets, much like missionaries who brave jungles and deserts abroad to bring hope and help to those in need of it. We are inspiring, empowering and mobilizing people to take a leap of faith and do what many others are doing already: loving one another, becoming better stewards, improving the quality of their lives. We need your help. We ask that you give up something "extra" in your budget this week and make that donation to us: what you would have spent on an extravalue meal, an icecream outing, a bottle of wine, a dinner and movie night and that you share with others what you sacrificed in order to encourage them to support our cause as well.  We are well aware of the enormity of what we are asking when people work so very hard and look forward to those moments to do for self. We promise you that your sacrifice will be woth every cent and we will work to multiply your satisfaction 10-fold and beyond. But don't wait; please do it now. Together, we can win this race to rediscover our humanity. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Make checks payable to:

This Hood of Ours, Inc.

5203 Chrysler Drive, Rm 201

Detroit, MI 48202


make your gift here

Donations are tax-deductable

Receipts will be provided for donations

made in the amount of $100 or more for your

personal record.